Towards a standardised

fuel cell module

STASHH: Standard Sized FC module for Heavy Duty applications

StasHH will develop an open standard for heavy-duty fuel-cell modules in terms of size, interfaces, control and test protocols, with the objective of kickstarting the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in the heavy-duty mobility sector, where electrification with batteries is impractical.

Multiple modules may be integrated in a system, similar to AA batteries; this will allow using the same modules for multiple sizes. Combined with the standardisation across several sectors (road, offroad, rail, maritime, etc.) represented by participating OEMs, the same modules will address a large pooled market.

The size of the market, and the availability of multiple module suppliers (8 in this project alone) will create a fair competition environment where OEMs may choose and change vendors, driving down prices and activating a virtuous cycle through economies of scale and achieving one of the main goals of the FCH JU's Work Programme in the heavy-duty mobility sector.

This project will also produce prototypes form 8 leading FC vendors, which will then be thoroughly tested by two independent institutes for compliance with the open standards produced by the project itself. The project will feature significant dissemination and outreach activities, especially towards external OEMs that may become customers of the module suppliers.


The European “StasHH” (Standard Sized FC module for Heavy Duty applications) consortium invites you to participate in an the 1st Online STASHH Exploitation Workshop. In this Workshop, we will provide you deeper insights into...
The European StasHH consortium has hit a major milestone by setting the first ever standard for fuel cell modules for heavy-duty applications. This standard aims to globally impact the uniform development of fuel cell modules by setting clear rules...
On the 4th of february the StasHH consortium published a press release to announce the start, the goal and objectives of the StasHH project. The consortium communicated its plans to join forces to define, develop and test the first European standard...